Looking good in early April

The spring has certainly been a kind one in recent weeks, with very little in the way of frost and quite a bit of sunshine. The gentle start to the season has meant that some plants have rather got ahead of themselves! The dicentras, for instance, which might be expected to be on top form in, say, early May have been going full throttle since early March. The geums such as Leonard’s variety and Flames of Passion are simply covered in buds just about to break. We even spotted buds at the base of the Echium Russicum, which is way beyond schedule.








Also looking good, and for some time now, have been the delightful but rare Primula Maximowiczii, pictured above along with some Dicentra Spectabilis. But there is still so much to do on the potting up front, and we will be busy with that for the coming week or two, panicking about the start of the show season at the end of the month. And, just to keep us even busier, the orders are coming through thick and fast on the website, even though there is still a lot to be added to the listings once things become ready. Thanks to everybody who has already ordered, and we look forward to hearing from others as the season progresses.

Rob & Joanna – April 2011