Where did August go?

Where indeed. It all seems a bit of a blur now. In fact only three weekends involved attending shows, and the nature of these is indicative of the shift of emphasis as the season wears on, with purely gardening events giving way to the country shows. First up was the Ellingham Show, back at Somerley Park, scene of the first event of the 2013 calendar but with rather balmier weather this time round. The very nice organisers placed our stand on the route in and out of the show, so all of the thousands of visitors had to pass by Paddock Plants at least twice. Rob was on his own on the day and was kept busy moving plants from display to storage behind the stand. Rob’s view of things looked rather like this:


And here is a small selection of the plants that moved from front of house to the waiting area on what was altogether a really good day.


Sticking with the country fair theme, our next stop was the Hamptworth Country Fayre, a rather smaller affair pretty close to home near Landford. Rob thought he would be clever and do a partial setup on the Saturday, erecting the display racks and tables and leaving most of the plants in trays. Poor misguided youth. It was with a mixture of embarrassment and gratitude that he took a phone call that evening from one of the organisers to say that they had erected temporary fencing around the stand and plants to prevent the deer dining on them, given our stand was next to their through route within the parkland and meadow! Many of the plants so rescued found new owners on the Sunday, but only thanks to the quick witted action of the organisers. Thank you! We were right next the attractive gardens that surround the house, a glimpse of which is provided below.


The Bank Holiday weekend saw us return to Kingston Lacy for the craft & garden fair held there over three days. Rather mixed days weather-wise, as it turned out, with Sunday in particular having its share of gusty winds and horizontal drizzle. But Monday was fine and warm, and most of the big bumble bees resident in Dorset came along to sample the nectar on our stand, taking a particular liking to the Agastache Red Fortune and the Clethra Hummingbird. And who could blame them?


And, with summer ending (according to Rob, anyway) on the 31st of August, the seasons moved on again …..

Rob & Joanna – September 2013