New shrubs for 2011

With the summer over or nearly over, depending on your point of view, we are working hard getting ready for next year. As ever we are trying out new plants, hoping that people will like them as much as we do (doesn’t always happen!) and here are some of the shrubs we will be introducing.

Bouvardia Ternifolia is a compact evergreen shrub with clusters of bright vermilion flowers shaped like little trumpets. It flowers pretty much continuously through the summer and into autumn: so keen is it, that even the young plants we have been potting on have been flowering vigorously! Loropetalum Fire Dance is just exquisitely stunning – a low arching shrub with evergreen blackish purple leaves and, in spring and again in autumn, spidery deep pink flowers. The young plants we are growing on have virtually black glossy foliage and dark crimson flowers – let’s hope they look as gorgeous next year when they are ready for selling. Clethra Humming Bird (sweet pepperbush to its friends) is another compact shrub, deciduous this time, which is a fragrant delight in mid to late summer when it is covered in spikes of white flowers just like so many clove scented candles.

So there are three things to look forward to next year. There will be lots of other new plants that we will get typically overexcited about (or at least Rob will) and no doubt we will introduce some of them in these pages before too long.

Rob & Joanna – September 2010