New Website for 2010

The Paddock Plants website has looked much the same for the past few years, so it is certainly due for an update. Although people have often very kindly commented that they like the site, it suffered from two major flaws – (1) its rather amatuer appearance, due to the limitations of Rob’s abilities with Dreamweaver, and (2) the lack of instant purchasing, with the need to order by e-mail and await confirmation before payment, so slowing down the whole process. So in recent weeks Rob has been busyworking on a new incarnation of the Paddock Plants website for 2010 which will look a little like this.

PP Website 2010 Screenshot

We’ve gone for an e-commerce template which will provide all the instant gratification of online purchasing but will retain the essential simplicity that the original site had. Ultimately customers want to know what plants we have to offer, see what they look like and find out a little about them. So hopefully that’s what you will get.

Rob is about half to two thirds of the way through now but there is still much to do to get the whole project finished. Now that the new year has dawned, the race is on!

We hope to see you there soon!

Rob & Joanna – January 2010