Thawing out

Gosh, it has been cold recently! We had the woodburner on non-stop for a couple of weeks – lovely and warming, but it does rather eat up the logs! But now that the worst of the cold seems to have gone, it’s back to potting on for the coming season. Not too bad today, but the fingers did get a bit on the frozen side after half an hour or so prodding around in cool damp compost.

Some nice ones that got the treatment today were: Asphodeline Lutea, or King’s Spear, an imposing perennial with fragrant star-shaped flowers clinging to tall stems over blue-green grassy foliage. Eryngium Blue Hobbit, a dwarf species which, when it blooms, becomes a mound of spiky silvery blue. Now that would make a good specimen for a small or medium pot on the patio. And Polemonium Northern Lights which is not just another Jacob’s Ladder, but a very special one indeed. In fact the only one to boast scented flowers. Clear blue as per the usual style held over a compact mound of pinnate foliage.

Three splendid plants new for this year, and lots more to come!

Rob & Joanna – February 2012