Plant list for 2014

It’s crystal ball time again and, daringly, we are going public earlier than usual in declaring our hand for next season. So the listing below is what we reckon we will have available in 2014. Some 42 plants disappear from the list and there are 73 newcomers, which is exciting, as some of them are really pretty special. Not everything will be immediately available and some plants may be offered in pot sizes other than the ones listed, but we hope you will find it an interesting list and that it whets your appetite for gardening in 2014.

Of the 73 newbies, some are actually returning to the fold after an absence, but they are welcome just the same. Over the coming dark winter months we intend to publish previews of the new plants here and on Facebook, just to keep ourselves, and hopefully you, cheerful in the gloomy days preceding spring. And who knows what kind of winter we are going to get, so we might need cheering up!

Rob & Joanna – November 2013


More catching up

In our last post we wondered where August had gone. Well, further to that, where have the last two months gone? Where indeed. Around the time of writing the last post, on the weekend of 7th and 8th September to be precise, we had the last hurrah of the show season when we had a stand at the Dorset County Show. A big show, that one – the showground seemed around the size of a small town with all sorts of arenas and marquees and outside trading areas. Plus crowds to match. We were jammed up against the end of a horticultural marquee with a little less space than we are used to, so we had to make do with one tiered display rack fewer than normal. Although there were lots of visitors milling about, they weren’t buying plants by the vanload, but then at the onset of autumn most people start to lose interest in their gardens, despite it being the optimum time for planting many things. Still, lots of horticultural stuff to see, as this article confirms.


As the weather forecast just before the show wasn’t great, Rob took a vanload down on the Thursday then went down again on Friday to set up properly so that ended up making four day trips in a row to Dorchester and back. But we had fun, the weather stayed pretty good if a bit too breezy for our liking, and the atmosphere was great. We particularly remember Titan the Robot who liked to site his performance just in front of our stand – he can be glimpsed in this video of the Sunday at the show (and at greater length in the linked videos).

The other highlight was the Sheep Show which we observed at a distance three times a day and at least once at close hand. Now that was just terrific amusement with a bit of education thrown in for good measure, and we recommend it to anyone who has a chance to see it. Don’t miss the dancing sheep – yes, they really do dance! The New Zealander who presented the show was a busy man, as he also did a display involving dogs and ducks. And so ended the show season for 2013: we had thought about doing the Romsey Show but somehow never got round to doing anything about it. Maybe next year.

Since mid-September, although sales have continued through the website and visitors to the nursery, we have indeed been spending a lot of time on next year in various ways. Tidying up the plants and premises before winter sets in, getting the more tender specimens under cover, placing forward orders, doing lots of paperwork and computer work and, yes, organising next year’s events calendar. Looking forward to it already ….. Lastly, one more image from the Dorset County show in the form of this spectacular display of spiky things from Coach House Cacti. Nice.


Rob & Joanna – November 2013