Happy New Year

A happy new year to everyone who comes across this page. And two days in to 2012, what a variety of weather we’ve had so far. Yesterday torrential rain, such that Rob despaired of doing anything and opted for a drive along flooded roads to deliver an order. And today one of those lovely winter days, just a hint of chill and wall to wall sunshine. Who knows what lies ahead for the rest of the winter?

Echium RussicumThe arrival of a new year provides a good opportunity to look back over the old one, and we have just been reviewing the stats on the Paddock Plants website in 2011. 27500 visits in the last twelve months is pretty impressive, well over 2000 a month on average. We feel flattered that there is so much interest out there! It’s interesting to see how people found our site: Google certainly has the edge over Bing in terms of search engines, by a factor of 8:1.

The most searched-for plant was, interestingly, the grass Pennisetum Fireworks, and by some margin over the nearest contender, Echium Russicum. The latter did, however, feature in quite a few other sets of search terms. The remaining plants in the search top five were Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy, Eryngium Jade Frost and Beschorneria Septentionalis. There were some unusual search terms: how “Plant encyclopaedia”+”well-drained” managed to find us, we can’t quite work out, and much the same goes for ‘three feet or more plants’.

But, however you found us, we’re really glad you did, and we hope you will come back and visit us again in 2012!