Emerging into Spring?

Well, the last post had us in the depths of winter, but latish February is a rather nicer place to be. A bit damp, maybe, but not too cold and with the hope of better things to come. That’s not to say we can’t get a bit more frost and ice before we reach the balmier shores of May, but by this time of year there’s no harm in a bit of optimism.

February is a month for potting things on and this year we have been able to do some of that, unlike last year when it was just too freezing cold (!) and things got about 6 or 8 weeks behind. We always enjoy this part of the cycle, as the emerging life in the plants reminds us of all that there is to look forward to.

Among all the nice plants that we have been potting on recently, the Euphorbia x Martinii Ascot Rainbow (bit of a mouthful, that!) have caught our eye as looking rather lovely even at this stage of their growth, with their combination of cream, green and blue along with some red and pink shades at the growth points. We have a feeling they won’t linger long once put on display when they are bigger and bushier!

Rob and Joanna – February 2011