Plant List for 2017

We are sure it’s not a phenomenon restricted to the world of horticulture, but around this time of year we are always of the mindset that next year is going to be the best year ever, with the best plants ever, the best everything ever ….. So it is with an air of optimism that we perform the annual ritual of presenting our intended plant list for the coming year.


71 deleted items are balanced out by 62 additions to the catalogue, but – if that might seem a reduction in real terms – don’t worry: it probably isn’t, as there are always a few plants lurking around the fringes that never quite make it on the list for various reasons.

We will try to highlight some of the new additions in the coming months, as they get their own page on the website (Rob never quite keeps up as well with this as he ikntends to!), but in the meantime we are looking forward to some new Scottish delphiniums, including Flamenco and Cha Cha from the Highlander series (in truth we have had some ready this season and boy, have they sold well). It is great to be able to say that the lengendary Cordyline Charlie Boy will be available once more in 2017, and that we will have some Mahonia Soft Caress ready for sale, after a few years in the waiting.

Delphinium Flamenco

So keep an eye on the website over the winter as the 62 newbies find their way on to the big world wide web.

Rob & Joanna – December 2016


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