Crocosmias for Christmas?

Yes, it has been a bit more like winter the past few days and nights, but we haven’t really suffered very much as yet, it has to be said. Still, it was a bit of a surprise to find a group of Crocosmia Emily McKenzie looking very floriferous for the time of year. Elsewhere a Stokesia Blue Star was also looking rather pleased with itself.

On another note, we have started giving the website its winter overhaul, deleting those items that we won’t be growing next season and then uploading details of all those new plants that we will be growing. And perhaps we will get round to keeping our promise, made in September, of featuring at least some of them here!

Rob & Joanna – December 2011


Catalogue Listing 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again when we feel pretty much confident enough to make a declaration of intent for the next season. Having to tell the RHS Plant Finder by the end of December what will be on offer certainly helps focus the mind on such matters.

64 new plants find their way on to the list. [Oops! It’s actually 65, as we left Deschampsia Northern Lights off the list!] This number is admittedly offset by plants being taken off it, but it’s still pretty exciting to think of all those new additions, some of them quite rare or unusual. Over the winter we will try to feature some of them on these pages. Anyway, here’s the list …..

Rob & Joanna – December 2011