Customer Photos

It’s always nice when customers tell us how well the plants that they have bought from us in previous years are doing. It’s even nicer when they provide proof in the form of photographs. In the past few days we have two customers who have kindly done this. Firstly, one lady sent us this picture of her agapanthus (we think these must be Polar Ice).

And today another kind lady provided this photo of her Eryngium Eburneum in flower and towering over her. We don’t have that particular species this year, though we do have a number of other eryngiums.

Thanks to these two customers. Anyone else, please feel free to let us see how your plants have been getting on!

Rob and Joanna – July 2010


Online at last!

So at last we’ve done it. Got the new website up and running at last, that is. After months of promises and a number of tearing the hair out moments. The final hurdle was simply finding the time to do a current stock check and transfer the numbers on to the database that controls the online shop.

Pity the busiest part of the season is now over! But we are sure it will be a big improvement on the old website and will provide a better experience for those who visit it. A big difference for us is that it signals the end of the printed catalogue which we have produced each year. In future the website will allow us to provide a much more accurate picture of what we have available at any given time and when out-of-stock plants might be available again. Fingers crossed it all works.

Rob and Joanna – July 2010