Plant List for 2015

It’s that time again, that moment when we take a deep breath and say that these are the plants that we think will be gracing the Paddock Plants stand at gardening shows and plant fairs during the coming year, as well as making themselves available online and in our sales and display area in Toothill. There are no certainties, as we all know, in the world of gardening, but these are as near to it as we can get. The list displayed below has got 65 new entries on it (including one or two old friends making a comeback), with 41 plants having taken their leave, at least temporarily.

We anticipate every year by thinking it’s going to be the best ever, with the most interesting plants and the most exciting events, all blessed by the most wonderful weather, and why should 2015 be any different? Of course it’s going to be the best!

Have a look through the list for yourself  and see why we think so.

Rob & Joanna – December 2014