New Plants 2014 Part 2

And here is another trio of plants we will be offering in the coming season – nice to be thinking of such things as the wind and rain continue unabated outside the office window!

Adenophora_Gaudi_VioletFirst up is Adenophora Gaudi Violet. Part of the same family as campanulas, with which they share some similarities, adenophoras are commonly known as lady bells, which is rather sweet as a name. This brand new variety will push up nice upright flowering stems clothed, from mid to late summer, with pendent bells of a pretty violet blue. Lovely.

Agapetes Ludgvan Cross is an evergreen shrub of arching habit which will amaze and delight from spring into summer withAgapetes_Ludgvan_Cross its clusters of pink urn-shaped flowers with striking crimson veining just like some particularly exotic kind of chinese lantern. It will need protection from sub-zero temperatures, but it’s worth the effort. This is definitely one of those ‘ once seen never forgotten’ plants which, as suggested above, merits taking the effort to fleece it in cold winter weather or have it in a pot which can be brought in from the cold.

Agastache_Raspberry_SummerWe like agastaches for their highly aromatic leaves and long flowering period and Agastache Raspberry Summer is another good one. This bushy upright plant, a recent introduction, has spikes of deep raspberry pink flowers from midsummer to the frosts. It’s a Terra Nova introduction and the photo is courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries. Agastaches are best in the sun and like a well drained soil, especially in winter. They are a magnet for bees and other flying insects, which is another good reason for growing them.

Rob & Joanna – December 2013


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