Plant list for 2014

It’s crystal ball time again and, daringly, we are going public earlier than usual in declaring our hand for next season. So the listing below is what we reckon we will have available in 2014. Some 42 plants disappear from the list and there are 73 newcomers, which is exciting, as some of them are really pretty special. Not everything will be immediately available and some plants may be offered in pot sizes other than the ones listed, but we hope you will find it an interesting list and that it whets your appetite for gardening in 2014.

Of the 73 newbies, some are actually returning to the fold after an absence, but they are welcome just the same. Over the coming dark winter months we intend to publish previews of the new plants here and on Facebook, just to keep ourselves, and hopefully you, cheerful in the gloomy days preceding spring. And who knows what kind of winter we are going to get, so we might need cheering up!

Rob & Joanna – November 2013

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