Summer heat

The end of June and start of July saw us enjoy a little break from the relentless schedule of weekend events, though we suppose that we shouldn’t complain too much about spending our weekends in a variety of rather splendid country retreats. And as we enjoyed our idleness (well, that’s not strictly true) the summer arrived. And in some style, with temperatures soaring to the sort of levels that leave Rob wilting as badly as the more delicate plants. So we made sure we packed a big container and a couple of watering cans along with the plants when we set off for two days at Parham House in West Sussex who held their annual garden weekend on the 13th and 14th of July.

PARHAM July 13 3

As the image above indicates, it was a lovely and rather genteel affair in the usual beautiful setting and we did rather enjoy the jazz band and other assorted entertainments, not to mention the excellent beer direct from the brewer. But it was pretty damn hot and heat is just as much a disincentive as is really cold weather when it comes to the public buying plants. So, although our plants attracted many admiring glances and positive comments, not enough were whisked off to new homes to make the event anything like a financial success from our perspective. Rob consoled himself by wandering round the acres of walled gardens in sunglasses and outback hat and would thoroughly recommend a visit to those who like a blowsy high summer perennial border of the classic kind. See a glimpse of this below.


PARHAM Gardens 3

And other one below. Isn’t it just great? All credit to Tom Brown, the remarkably youthful head gardener, and his team.

PARHAM Gardens 1


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