Return to Waterston Manor

Sunday 23rd June saw us travelling down to the verdant depths of Dorset – to Waterston Manor, to be precise, the setting for last year’s very successful Dorset Gardens Trust event. This year’s do was an independent affair, organised in order to raise funds for TAINT, an organisation set up to campaign against the siting of a significant wind farm in the area. Although we were in the same delightful orchard area as last year, the arrangement of the stands was different such that we ended up with the longest, narrowest display we have ever set up, as in the photo below.


There was quite a lot going on other than plant sales, what with a dog show that attracted most of the canines in that part of Dorset, it seemed, no to mention the delights of the Anonymous Travelling Market which offered a range of interesting things to do, see or eat.


The only thing to complain about on an otherwise splendid day was our old friend and foe the weather which  provided more ventilation than might have been deemed strictly necessary. Not to mention being what can only be described as cold at times (on went most people’s anoraks and woolly jumpers). Of course, come break down time, out came the warm sun – typical! Still, a lot of people enjoyed a day out and we imagine the organisers must have been pleased with the turnout. We were happy to return to such a lovely setting and look forward to next year’s DGT event at Herringstone.

Rob & Joanna – June 2013


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