Extreme Makeover: Van Edition

NEW VAN GRAHICS 4We posted a few weeks ago about the retirement of the PP Plant Mobile – well, we say retirement, but in actual fact it is more like moving on to the next phase, as they say, since the dealer who bought her will  invest in her so she can find a new home. In the time since then we have been touring Hampshire and adjacent counties in our new yellow peril, enjoying the benefits of sat-nav and air conditioning on the way to shows and the like.

But the Plant Mobile needed some new clothes, so Joanna contacted  few sign companies for suggestions. With mixed results, it must be said, as some wanted money up front before they would even get their designer brains in gear and others promised ideas but then clearly got graphic designer’s block or whatever the relevant condition is called. Of those who offered ideas, James of Camfree-signs was by some way the most imaginative and interesting, not to mention pretty competitive price-wise, so his was the winning design and the one that we took further.

Within a few days of agreeing the deal, the graphics were ready and Rob took the van across Southampton for her extreme makeover. 24 hours later it was complete and Rob drove our new advertising hoarding back along the M27, feeling very smug as he cruised past unmarked white vans and other vehicular riff raff. The graphics look great, and we are very grateful to James for his great design and speedy service. The Plant Mobile certainly won’t be difficult to spot in her new livery!


Rob & Joanna – May 2013


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