Back in action

Well, once again updates have been thin on the ground recently but we promise we will try to do better this year. We are now well into 2013 and no-one needs reminding how cold and miserable a year it has been pretty much so far. So we won’t remind you, just look forward hopefully into a warm and sunny future. We are way behind on the potting up, though ….. sorry, that probably counts as reminding. No more, honest. The show season has got underway despite … sorry …. and we have ventured out twice so far in 2013. Over Easter we spent three days in our thermals at the Craft & Garden Fair at Somerley Park near Ringwood, as we usually do. It was undeniably pretty Arctic, with the Sunday being the closest to anything that might attract a vaguely favourable comment. That’s the snag with early Easters, and we will just have to put it down to experience.


Then on the 14th April, the first decent day of the spring so far (oops, there we go again), we navigated up the A31 to Birtley House near Guildford to set up our stall at the Rare Plants Fair being held there. That’s a slightly less than Snowdonesque photo of our wares above. Now that was much more like it. Breezy (enough to uproot a gazebo or two – we were wise and didn’t put ours up) but otherwise sufficiently sunny and spring-like to put the thought of gardening into peoples’ minds. So we had a very busy couple of hours from 11 to 1 then a quieter afternoon during which we could savour the delights of the really rather beautiful setting and be amused by the antics of the Canada geese around the nearby lake.

Since then we have been madly potting up but in a few days’ time will have to get ourselves ready for the St John charity plant fair at Wintershill House near Durley on May 5th. After that the whole show thing really takes off which is how we like it. Hope to see you at at least one of the up and coming events!

Rob & Joanna – April 2013


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