Updating the website

It is in the cold dark days of January that things like updating websites are done. And quite a few cold dark days and nights it takes, too. The listings on the Paddock Plants website are from being complete or up to date (we will soon be starting to panic …..) but we have at least got one big thing out of the way in performing an upgrade to the behind the scene mechanics of the site.


Rob having got his fingers burned once before with this sort of thing, we called on the services of a friendly local tech guy to help us out. A bit of midnight oil was burned in the process and there were the usual technical wrinkles to be ironed out, but as of this morning all seems to be in good working order. Most of the changes lie behind the scenes, in the ‘back office’ as it is called, but the view the world has of our website has altered a bit, too, and probably for the better. Joanna is not entirely convinced that she is won over by the very clean nature of the theme, with its swathes of white background, but let’s see if time mellows that opinion. Now that that bit’s done, it’s back to updating the listings. Put the kettle on, I think.

Rob & Joanna – January 2013

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