Shows past and future

Well, it’s the first day of the new year, 2013, and shocking to realise that the last post here was pretty much six months ago. Cue new year’s resolution number one – update a bit more frequently. Better do something interesting then.


Well, we suppose that one of the more interesting things we do is attend garden fairs and shows: Rob does get rather excited about that, bless him. The peak season for these is May and June. Not the best of weather during that period in 2012, but the sun did appear occasionally, as is proved by the picture above of our wares on display at the Unusual Plants Fair at Gilbert White’s House taken on June 9th. It was pretty bleak a lot of the time, however, and takings were down at most events by around 20% on 2011. A happy exception was the biennial Dorset Gardens Trust’s event, held this year in the splendid surroundings of Waterston Manor on July 1st. The sun shone, Dorset’s gardening fanatics turned out in their thousands and we happy stallholders all pretty much sold out. Can’t say better than that. We were ensconced in a rather idyllic orchard area (see photos below) where we spent a very pleasant day selling plants and eating ice creams.

DGT WATERSTON MANOR July 12 2DGT WATERSTON MANOR July 12 3And so what of the future? Well, a pretty busy future indeed  is planned, and for 2013, when Paddock Plants will be celebrating ten years of bring affordable plants to the the population of Hampshire and beyond, Rob is plotting a calendar so densely filled with events that life between Easter and October could turn out to be little more than looking out plants for the weekend, setting up stall in some stately home or other, getting over that, then looking out plants for the next one. Still, at least that should keep us out of the devil’s proverbial clutches.

The show listing on the website should get updated in line with all of this before too long. All we need then is a bit of good weather. Here’s hoping!

Rob & Joanna – January 2013


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