Weathering the storm

We have certainly experienced some extremes in terms of weather over the past month or two. Already those sweltering March days when we enjoyed temperatures of 20 plus degrees seem but a distant memory, as we look up to cold grey skies and dodge the heavy rain showers.

Some days ago we had epic thunderstorms that hurled down icy hailstones from the heavens and left the ground looking just as if it had snowed. All very exciting. But what was even more remarkable was the effect on a lot of our plants. We noticed markings on the leaves just as if they had been scratched by an army of plant-hating cats, then after a couple of days cracks developed in the leaves along the lines so created.

A wide range of plants were affected by the hailstorm, but the poor Abutilon Vitifolium, with their large and not especially tough leaves, seem to have come off worst (see photo for the evidence!). They will need some TLC and better weather to get back to their full splendour, poor things.

And other plants less dramatically affected will bear the scars for a while, we suppose. Oh well. All part of the rich and diverse experience of growing plants in the British climate.

Rob & Joanna – April 2012.


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