On the road again

If you’ve found this page looking for the track by Canned Heat, you’re in the wrong place – you should be here.

The title of this post is simply to celebrate the start of the show and fair season after the long winter hibernation. There is no substitute for the excitement and enjoyment of a day or weekend spent at an event which attracts real gardeners who appreciate a good plant. Especially a rare plant: that gets Rob seriously excited, sad man that he is.

We have just spent the Easter weekend in the spacious surroundings of Somerley Park at one of the series of Craft & Garden fairs that take place through the year down in these parts. Saturday and Sunday saw pretty passable weather for the time of year, and the crowds turned out and people bought our plants, so everyone was happy. Monday, as predicted by the forecasters, was an absolute washout, however. So bad were the forecasts that a number of outdoor exhibitors packed up on the Sunday and didn’t bother with the Monday. Others gave up on the Monday morning. Not very professional, it has to be said. In this business you have to take the rough with the smooth, the wet with the sunny.

We stuck it out to the end, so that those brave souls who ventured out had something to look at. And we didn’t go home empty handed, selling rather more plants than we might reasonably have expected to in the conditions.

Although we had worried in advance that we might not have enough plants looking good enough for the show, given it’s only early April, we found plenty to take in the end, and we were quite pleased with the display we managed. As expected, the gorgeous Clematis Avalanche didn’t last long, and the other, perhaps surprise, stars of the weekend were the Dicentra Spectabilis which sold extremely well in both pink and white varieties. Just goes to show that the old ones are hard to beat!

And so there we are. One done, plenty more to come. We can’t wait!

Rob & Joanna – April 2012

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