Show season starting!

The show season is starting rather earlier than usual this year, as Easter has come forward a bit and we find ourselves this coming weekend, ie pretty early April, trekking off to Somerley Park, near Ringwood for the three-day Craft & Garden Fair. It’s a bit ironic that, having been basking in tropical temperatures in March, it looks like we’ll be huddling under the gazebo trying to keep out of the cold wind and blustery showers. Ah, the joys of the great British climate.

We have just been going round working out what to take and, for those interested, a list of the plants that have booked a place in the van going down on Friday afternoon for setup or on Saturday morning is provided below. The numbers indicate how many plants we will have on any one day, and forgive any abbreviated or otherwise mangled names. Lots of things are beginning to look good, though it’s early yet for a nursery like us that overwinters most things outdoors, so it shouldn’t be too bad a show. The Deutzia Gracilis are covered in pretty little globular buds that might be breaking out by Saturday, and we will have some rather special-looking Clematis Avalanche, among other excitements.

Hope to see some of you there. But bring your anorak.

Rob & Joanna – April 2012.

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