Cats and curiosities

Well, that was a busy weekend. Not to mention the arrival of spring in full force, with a couple of balmy days the like of which you don’t see often outside of May. Or it so it seemed anyway. Perhaps we were just surprised by the contrast with the deluge of last weekend. Quite interesting when you have to change every single item of clothing you were wearing at a football match. As a spectator, that is.

Two surprise visitors livened things up starting on Saturday. Katie, our number 3 cat, who decided some while ago that it was more fun living with the neighbours in their house, returned to do a quick stock check but then thought she might hang out with us a bit longer. Long enough to see the arrival of surprise visitor number two, when middle son Russell turned up unannounced from Guildford, where he is currently studying at university. (Well, he had said he might be home, but that was supposed to be Sunday if at all.) Now Russell has always been Katie’s favourite human being, at least within the family, so she made her way into the house and up to Russell’s room where she stopped long enough to have a bite to eat. She hasn’t done that since we can’t remember when.

Or maybe we can. Wasn’t it around the time Russell left to go to university? Come to think of it, why did Katie suddenly turn up yesterday and stick around? Could it be that she knew, through some kind of feline instinct, that Russell was about to saunter down the driveway? Something that we didn’t. Spooky, or what? Still, this is the cat that made her way back home unaided from Millbrook, several miles and across a motorway, when she accidentally hitched a ride there in a car.

So that’s the cat(s) of the title. What about the curiosities? Well, you may have spotted Katie check out some rather odd grassy kind of things, which are of course Carex Phyllocephala (Whirling) Sparkler which sports whorls of variegated leaves on stiff wand-like stems. We have long been fans, but it is still a surprisingly strange plant.

As is another dear friend Tetrapanax Rex, seen here as innocent little babies in their first real pot. But even now there is a definite whiff of the triffid-like sheer awsomeness to come. And it won’t be that long in coming, given the frightening vigour this plant displays. So, if the weather continues as it was this weekend, just watch out!

Rob & Joanna – March 2012


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