Two Tasters for 2012

That’s a rather alliterative title which serves simply to introduce a post about two new plants we are offering in 2012. That’s the joy of this part of the year, through autumn and winter, anticipating all sorts of excitements in the following season!

Brunnera Emerald MistWell, the first excitement is a  relative newcomer among the Brunnera family, namely Emerald Mist. Now, that’s a nice name for starters, but the reality is even nicer. The heart-shaped leaves are barred with silver in such a way as to create a collar effect around the outside margins, with a lighter dusting of silver over the whole extent of the leaf. We love the Jack Frosts and Looking Glasses we have cultivated over last few seasons, but Emerald Mist does promise to be pretty special.

Hakenochloa All GoldNext up is a beautiful new grass in the form of Hakenochloa Macra All Gold. Like the Nicholas we used to do, this is a mound forming grass with a graceful arching habit, but on this one the foliage is, err, all gold. The name does rather give it away! It will need sun to look its best, tending to go more chartreuse in the shade.

More news of new plants for 2012 in the coming weeks …..

Rob & Joanna – September 2011

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