New plants

Recently we have been potting up some rather nice new plants for later this season or perhaps next.

 Anemone Lady Gilmour    Actaea Black Negligee    Agastache Sangria

Anemone Lady Gilmour is an unusual-looking anemone, with frilly crinkled lettuce-like leaves quite unlike what you would expect of such a plant. But then we do like the unusual. Actaea Black Negligée (what a great name!) have gone into their 2-litre pots and should be bulking up soon. Rather more advanced are the Agastache Sangria which are showing signs of their plumes of crimson-pink flowers. Best of all, though, has to be the scent of the crushed leaves – evocative of some long refreshing drink on a summer terrace!

Grevillea Canberra Gem    Anisodontea Capensis

Shrub-wise, there is Grevillea Canberra Gem, which most people will be familiar with, but a lovely shrub all the same, with delicate evergreen foliage and – at an early age –  gorgeous pinky-red flowers. We are really excited by the Anisodontea Capensis which, having been cut back, are now bushing up well and producing lots of buds for those dinky little mini-hibiscus flowers. Lovely.

Eryngium Jade Frost    Eryngium Agavifolium

On a visit to another nursery, Rob was so taken with a single specimen of Eryngium Jade Frost seen there, that he had to seek some out for himself! So we have now planted up some young plants (probably for next season) of this fabulous evergreen perennial. Now we like our eryngiums, but this one is rather special, with broad oval leaves green edged with cream, which goes pink in colder conditions, and classic blue spiky eryngium flowerheads. We can’t wait for them to get bigger! In the meantime we may have to be satisfied with the Eryngium Agavifolium, which are looking really rather substantial in their pots already.

Rob & Joanna – July 2009


One thought on “New plants

  1. I would like to buy an Anisodontea Capensis via mail order…please can you advise availability and price?
    Thank You

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